Come February and love is definitely in the air. With Valentine’s Day lurking in the corner, the smell of red roses fill the air, and so does the anxious, happy faces of those who are waiting for 14h February with abated breath. The day dedicated for love has lovers waiting to declare and express their feelings, surprise their loved ones with a well planned day and exchange gifts that show they care about each other. Valentine ’s Day is a special day to celebrate the universal feeling of love. Love, which Pablo Picasso fondly described as ‘the greatest refreshment in life’. Truly, there is no other feeling quite like love and a day dedicated to it, is just what it deserves.

18th century England saw lovers presenting flowers and greeting cards and gifts to one another. This tradition continues to this day as well.  Over the years, 14th February has often been chosen by lovers and couples to declare their love, express their feelings and even get married. The day is usually well-planned with pink and red clothes out of the closet, gifts are kept ready after months of careful selection, restaurants booked well in advance and calendars booked solely for this purpose.

When it comes to gifting, gift cards too are quickly gaining popularity. Gift cards from are all the rage because it helps you choose gift vouchers, customize them with personalized messages and send it to your loved ones. Gift cards from prove to be quite a boon especially on the occasion of Valentine’s Day when the greatest question seems to be ‘Will they like this?’ With  gift cards one has the convenience to choose the amount, particular brand or category of gifts. Gift cards are a unique way to show you care because you give your loved ones the freedom to choose.

So this Valentine’s Day pick up a gift card from a multitude of choices from They offer gift cards from shopping places like Shoppers Stop, Westside, Lifestyle that have a huge collection of gifting options for everyone – right from personal accessories, clothing, perfumes, ethnic wear, shoes, bags and what have you. You can also choose from well-known brands, movie houses, wine and dine places, Spas as well as florists and chocolatiers.  Make their day special with a gift card. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get ready for possibilities of new beginnings with this New Year! There can’t be a better time than a new year for a fresh new start – forget and forgive all the bad memories and incidents. Let us all welcome New Year 2014 with a new hope and right spirit. To add extra colors to your loved one’s New Year celebration what else could be the better idea than presenting them with some unique gifts.

Buy a New Year Gift Card from GiftBig

Gift cards are great last minute choice for gifting opportunity. This season, gift people what they really love: freedom and flexibility. These days’ gift cards are most-purchased gifts and a thoughtful way to show someone that you care about them, especially when they themselves can choose whatever and whenever they want.  GiftBig offers gift cards with various categories and denomination and they are easy on your pocket too! You don’t have to worry about finding the right gift card for your loved ones because we have it all.

Which card to choose?

No doubt at GiftBig the choice for gifts is very vast, so it might be difficult for you to decide on which gift to buy for whom, right? We suggest you to consider their situations as well as their personality while buying gift cards for them. Make all special women in your life feel more special by gifting them all-in-one gift card from a departmental store, for a gadget freak you can grab a gift card from electronic store. For a movie buff it is very easy to get a PVR cinemas gift card. For very beauty conscious lady pamper her with gift cards from a salon or spa. Waiting to please your in-laws – a travel gift card at GiftBig is best for them. For new home-owners gift cards related to home décor is the right choice. And of course, there is a huge list for friends’ also–restaurant gift cards, book store gift cards, health and fitness gift cards etc.

Most important thing which matter is that the best gifts are always the ones that mean a lot to your loved ones!

As the saying goes, “Shared happiness is doubled happiness”. Marriage is a big turning point in everyone’s life, it’s a promise, an everlasting bond sealing the love between two people. It’s the first actual step in life where people have to come to a common ground about anything and everything that is pertaining to their wishes. It is a bond,  rather a sweet bond, which grows with sharing and caring.

When we think about gifting newly-wed couples, there are a lot of options people usually  stick to – crockery items, clothes, mementos, curios etc. These things definitely are useful for the newly wed couple when they set up a new house from the scratch. But often, there will be a mismatch between what they look for and what they get. They sometimes end up having a pile of same stuff, which will eventually gather dust in some corner of their house. We have heard innumerable stories about crockeries piling up after almost every wedding ceremony.

Gift Cards are the Best Options for Newly Weds: Why?

One of the wisest choice is to present them with a gift card with which they can select home appliances or other accessories depending on their choice. Home decor is something which every couple would want to lay their hands on. Hence, instead of gifting them bed covers or rugs of your choice, you should give them a gift card which would give them the freedom of choice.

Gift hamper for both men and women, branded perfume for couples, custom made album/photo magnets capturing the wonderful wedding moments, rotating photo crystal, scented candles, watch set for pairs, etc., can also be gifted to newlyweds. If the couples insist on not bringing any gifts, you can provide them with a dinner coupon at some posh restaurant where they can have a romantic candle light dinner.

Nowadays more people book for a honeymoon package at some resort as a gift. But one has to check with the time and availability of the couple before going ahead to book. Travel beauty kits for women and personal grooming set for men will make great additional gifts to go with the honeymoon booking.

Buying a Gift at Their Own Pace, Courtesy Gift Cards

One should always remember that the first few weeks after the wedding will be hectic for the couple, and they won’t be getting enough time to settle peacefully. If you present them gift cards, it would be highly convenient for couples since almost all cards have a minimum validity of six months, with which they can buy things at their own pace and comfort.

How many times have you forcefully tried to smile whenever presented with the wrong gift? I bet we all know how that feels like. Often, we dismiss our displeasure and acknowledge the gift out of  respect to the good intention and love behind the gesture, still, there would have been instances in our lives where we had complained in secret about the colour, texture or size of the gift. Most of those gifts are likely to end up as ‘white elephants’ gathering dust in some corner of the house. An ill-matched furniture or ill-fitting clothes will take the joy off gifting-  from both the giver and receiver. How should we avoid embarrassing situations like that? The answer lies in gift cards!

When Is a Gift Card a Right Gift Solution?

Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, house warming, festivals, you name it, gift cards are the best solutions during any such occasions. Nowadays with a gift card, one can buy a range of products like clothing, electronic goods, home appliances, mothercare and babycare among many others. Almost all leading brands and retailing franchisees have gifts cards issued to their customers.

Now that we have agreed on the convenience factor of gift cards; but a problem still persists in finding the right ones. It’s equally cumbersome to go and check across websites of leading brands to find out who all have what sorts of offers.  To help you deal with such difficulties, has put all the cards under one roof on their website – There, one can find a variety of cards which can be redeemed at any shopping outlets of India’s leading brands. It is that one place which meets all your demands when it comes to choosing gift vouchers!

Can I Personalize a Gift Card?

An added attraction is the fact that you can personalise your gift cards with custom messages and designs to make your loved ones feel unique and special. Personalised cards can be also kept as souvenirs.

Apart from gift cards, also features gift vouchers which can be used at top restaurants, pizza huts and several other retail outlets. It also has a section on e-gift cards of leading brands. ‘Insta gifts’ is another amazing specialty of with  which  gift cards could be delivered instantly via emails to anyone. Apart from all these, they even have gift cards to go with different  festivals or varying occasions of personal interest.

Keep up the Tradition of Gifting with Gift Cards Online

Gifts cards are in vogue, and they are here to stay. With the advancement of technology, the idea of gifting smart has become the latest trend these days. Keep up with time by adapting with the changing fashion, but not losing the traditional appeal the same time. Visit and find gift cards for all the memorable occasions that deserve a great gift!

Festivals are integral part of our lives. Each year, they bring happiness and harmony to the lives of people; those few days or hours we spend together with our family and friends help keep our bonds intact and also help nurture the relations and unity between the people. Giving away gifts as a token of love and gratitude had been a practice for generations across the world, and each culture has its own unique way of celebration. The basic idea behind all is simple – to show how much you love and care about someone.

Family Getaway

This Christmas season, you can make use of the best opportunity to gift friends and family. Ideally, one is supposed to spend quality time with the near and dear ones during such holiday seasons. If that is a possibility, planning small trips with immediate family members is a good option, so that each and everyone will get enough time to relax and have conversations with each other. You can either go for a resort or more cost-effective options like homestays as you plan a getaway with the family.

Gifts for Parents

While gifting parents, one has to be careful about the options, or else will end up spending money over wrong items. Preferably, it has to be something with high utility value, more than any pricey fancy item. You can either buy smart kitchen appliances like cappuccino maker or roti maker which are ideal for daily use, and also will reduce the time and effort in kitchen.

An LCD TV or home theatre is another good option. If there are budgetary issues, you can settle for less expensive gadgets like kindle, electronic shaving kit, etc.

Gifts for Spouse

Even though you are not supposed to wait for a special occasion to gift your partner, he/she would be thrilled if you gift her something this Christmas, however clichéd is the concept of gifting on festivities is. For your wife, you can either buy jewellery or take her to a relaxing spa. Smart kitchen appliances will also do the trick. If she hates the concept of presents in fancy wrappers, buy something for the home which will help ease her labour and effort. You can also give your house a new look by changing the rugs, curtains and furniture covers.

For your husband, it’s comparatively easier to pick a good gift. If he is a game addict, gift him a gaming console. If he is a person who takes a lot of care in his looks and dressing, buy him classy gifts like leather bags, wallets, tie or cuff links. Branded perfumes, smart-phones, iPads or digital diaries will also serve as an ideal gift for your husband. Even a simple bottle of his favourite brand of liquor will be enough to bring a smile on his face.

Gifts for Kids

When it comes to kids, go for something which aren’t way too expensive, but convenient for them. Buy them clothes of their choice or give them food coupons so that they can enjoy a meal with their friends. Gifting good books is always the best present you can give your children.

Now that we have talked about gifting, but what if you are unable to be there with your family during the special occasion? You can always send them cards to show how much you care and how much you think about them even in their absence. Go for real cards than e-cards, since handwritten messages mean a lot than automated words. You can also send along customised gift cards with personal messages along with greeting cards so that your family members can buy something that they wish. After all, holidays and special occasions are meant to show our loved ones how much we care about them. Choose if you want to buy gift cards online.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

How many of you agree with this quote? Wouldn’t you count on your pals to stand by you through the roller-coaster of life? True friends are your treasured companions who have unconditional affection for you. Shouldn’t you make an effort to make them feel wanted and important in your life.

The Wonders of Internet to Help Cherish Your Friendship

Thanks to modern technology  you can connect easily with your friends and make new friends too. Many of your friends who were with you  in school and college are reconnecting through various social media platforms such as  Facebook and others. gives you the opportunity to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and festival in a grand and fun filled manner. There are a variety of gift cards and vouchers to suit the tastes and preferences of your friends. You can choose either physical gift/voucher cards or  e-cards from the GiftBig bouquet to send it to your friend.

Cherishing Your Loved Ones

Life is a long journey and you need true friends who light it up. Sending thoughtful and personalized gift to your friends spreads a lot of good cheer and fun.  They will always remember you as someone who stands by them through thick and thin. Is your friend’s birthday around the corner? You have not found the time to shop for a gift. Fortunately there is a reputed site by which you to dispatch gift cards in a jiffy. It is a very user friendly site.  You can add your Facebook friends to GiftBig’s Friendship Club. After this step, you can send personalized birthday gift cards to them. These cards are sure to be well received. Create a stir and strike the right chord by choosing a gift card  with

Gifting Pointers

An invaluable tip – tailor your gift to suit your precious friends unique persona and stage of life. How about a deluxe and ritzy Titan watch for the busy bee? A package tour from Makemytrip would make the day for the adventurous and outdoor kind.  An elegant diamond pendant from Tanishq  is sure to entrance the bride to be.  A cooking rookie will be more than happy to get a high-end hand blender from Prestige Smart Kitchen. If your pal is planning to renovate his home spring a surprise on him with a generous Home Stop voucher. Whatever you dear friends’ desire is our command. Clinch your friendship with a memorable gift from our vast and versatile repository.

Corporate gifting has truly come of age today.  Many firms give thoughtful gifts to their valued employees. After all they constitute the internal customers of the company. It is a great way to show appreciation for their loyalty and hard work. Employees definitely feel recognized and needed by their employers. This practice is rapidly spreading across the corporate landscape.

Many employees would appreciate a small gesture of thank card to a larger prepaid gift card around Holidays and occasions. It makes them feel elated. As a HR you know that cash bonuses or raises are not feasible when an employee have put in a stellar performance. But gift vouchers fit any budget. HR who understands the tastes and interests of the employees can purchase an appropriate card as a token of appreciation from

Corporate Gift Cards: Small Gestures Go a Long Way

How do they make employees happy?

The small gestures such as a gift card on the birthdays or anniversaries do wonder to his pride.  An employee feels touched and would want to improve his productivity on the work front.  If the HR is not sure about the preferences of the employees she/he can send out emails of commendation to the employees and give them option to choose from several gift cards. This is the great way to reward them. Here the employees will enjoy choosing their own reward from the given list.  At, there is a plethora of gift cards ranging from apparel, jewelry, restaurants, food chains to home decor.

Not Just Special Occasions

What other occasions does a gift card serve?

It’s just not for festivals and anniversaries when the companies show token of appreciation. These days, after a long and stressful month, if a team has completed their task on time, the HR either hands out a group gift card for lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant or individual gift cards. For such memorable events, it is always better to keep a stockpile of gift cards for dining or an outing with family. These small gestures that come in short burst are more powerful incentive for the employees than a bonus or a hike in salary at the end of a year.

GiftBig is the one stop shop and solution for all your gifting needs and ideas.  It’s mission is simple – make gifting easy.


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