Father’s Day is coming up soon – in fact, it’s on Sunday, the 15th of June, 2014. Are you ready with the perfect gift to wish your darling father on this special day? Somehow, we feel that people tend to remember Mother’s Day more often than Father’s Day! Do you feel this is true as well? In that case, please feel free to go ahead and celebrate Father’s Day this year with great aplomb. Take your father out to dinner, pamper him, buy him the gifts he wants, and make the whole day something to remember and cherish.

Put In Some Extra Effort!

You still have some time left, so make it a priority to find out what daddy dear wants. Is he a sports fanatic? Or does he stay glued to the TV all day long? Does he have a thing for the latest tech? Does he like to shop for clothes? Make a list of his likes and decide what he really wants as a gift. He may not tell you this if you ask him – dads are like that. They’re always giving; receiving doesn’t come easy for them. It’ll be your job to make sure that dad not only enjoys receiving gifts from you, but also looks forward to them!

OK, You’re Still Not Really Sure What To Buy For Dad

OK, so you’ve done your homework but you’re still not really sure about what gift to give your dad. Never fear. We’re here to help you out. Just pick up a gift card, gift voucher or e-gift card from a great brand that offers what he likes! Could it get simpler than this? How about gift cards from Reliance, Croma or The Mobile Zone if your dad has a thing for tech stuff? Say he loves to shop for fine suits and ties. What could be more appropriate than a gift card from Arrow, Van Heusen or Raymond for that matter? Suppose you don’t know which fashion brand he likes. Just buy the GiftBig Fashion Gift Card and let your dad use it to buy a gift card from the fashion brand he likes!How about gifting a fine dining experience? All you do is pick up the GiftBig Dining Gift Card. Your dad can redeem it against a gift card or gift voucher from major restaurant brands on GiftBig.com. Easy? Yes? So go on, make this Father’s Day your father’s most special day of the year.

easter gifts

Easter, a holy festival celebrated all over the globe symbolises victory over death, when Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Apart from the dimly lit candles, prayers sung for Jesus accompanies with an elaborate mass music sessions, this festival gives each one of the food lovers an opportunity to enjoy fabulous feasts along with gifting something very special to their loved ones.

When talking about gifts one thing that triggers each one of us is whether they would use or like it? Thinking of this itself we land up finding alternatives of gifting either in the form of kind/cash.

When we can try and accept many changes in life, then why not implement the same when it comes to gifting as well?

Yea, you got us right! We are talking about the gift card concept which is a convenient modern way of escaping from the hassle of shopping. A gift card can be a problem solver by helping them gifting the best options from which they can buy what they love from any of the top stores like Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop , Myntra and so on.

Gift card is one such gift people can ever forget the person who gifted since they get the privilege to get a gift of their choice which is no less than a life time memory. It will for sure turn out to be a dual gift in itself. So, why not plan something exciting than the usual hunting of decorated eggs by gifting a gift card?

We are pretty sure all would definitely be eager to gift a card filled with unlimited happiness along with unlimited memories.

What else can anyone ask for this festive season, when they get everything in this Gift Card which is brought to you from GiftBig.com.

Ugadi Gudi PadwaPeople of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra celebrate the start of the Hindu New Year as Ugadi and Gudi Padwa respectively. On this day, people decorate their house entrance with rangoli designs, mango leaves and prepare special festival dishes. In Maharashtra a Gudi (a bright yellow or green cloth tied to bamboo, along with mango leaves, flower garland and sugar crystals) is displayed prominently.

What are you gifting your friends & family?

Ugadi, or Gudi Padwa is a day of newness, when friends and family visit each other to give and receive gifts. This year, don’t queue up at department stores or retail outlets and spend hours selecting the right gift. Wow your loved ones by gifting gift vouchers and gift cards from these top brands from GiftBig.com. For the last minute gifting needs GiftBig.com also brings the convenience of e-gift cards.

Gifting new wardrobe: GiftBig.com has an array of gift cards from garment brands and department stores including Allen Solly, Arrow, Club America, Elle, Flying Machine, Louis Philippe, Peter England; and also from Shopppers Stop, Central, Lifestyle etc.

Gifting glittering jewelry: If you are looking to gift jewelry to your loved ones, you get to choose from a variety of brands like Joyalukkas and Tanishq.

Gifting home needs: For people looking to gift furniture and home items, GiftBig.com brings gift cards and vouchers from @Home, Home Stop, TTK Prestige, Vishal Mega Mart and Lifestyle.

Gifting tech goodies: If you have made up your mind to gift electronic items, go for gift cards and vouchers from Croma, e-zone, Reliance Digital, Flipkart, The Mobile Store and others.

GiftBig.com is the one-stop destination for all your gifting needs!

Note: Image copyright vests with respective copyright holders at Desicomments.com and 365greetings.com.

vlcc gift card
Many of us strongly urge to pamper ourselves but we fail to pull out time from our framed busy schedules. It is very essential to give equal priority to our body, soul and mind. Most of the time women get considerably more lucky in comparison to men as they get more chances to pamper themselves.

But, have you ever thought why should men always get the credit of expressing? Why not we women? They also can impress the men by giving them an opportunity to rejuvenate and pamper themselves. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Pampering can and should be enjoyed by both men and women and get overwhelmed by not only beautifying themselves but also for a good overall relaxation. TRUST US! It works wonders.

You shall find tons of elaborate options to choose from the Spa to get refreshed from the chaos of day to day work. If you are one of them who loves nature, then you can’t definitely wait to try the scrub and wrap that would detoxify you with full of minerals and enhance moisture in your skin. This shall also help removing all the toxins from your body. Adding, to this awesome feel the heady aromas will definitely carry you go beyond your imagination.

It does not end with this, if you are little sceptical trying this, then hop on to the Ayurveda section which has earned its own acclaim in India long back which includes massages with herbs. In short, you can enjoy the glimpses of divine ancient wisdom.

One cannot make themselves to feel something, but one can definitely do something they feel to do!

So, without a second thought gift your loved ones a package of opportunity to pamper themselves in VLCC and avail a discount of 15% by purchasing a gift card from www.giftbig.com.

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cleartrip gift card

It’s really hard to imagine life without receiving or giving gifts. Gifting is not just based on a particular reason. Few might use gifting as a form of expression for a special day others might use it as a means of expressing thoughtfulness or care. Anyway gifts bring in joy and pleasure to both.

Gifts are one such things that cannot be measured in terms of value, as it is beyond expression. So, why not check out the possible occasions that can be captured into tiny special moments in the form of gifts. Below are a few of them:

Anniversary (Parents)

Our parents are more than a hug giver, advice offerer, finest cooks, best of the best friends, in short an “Angel in disguise”. It is a fact that time or reasons are not required to express our love and respect for them. But, when we have an opportunity like Anniversary when we can really give them something, they would relish the most, why not plan something absolutely delightful.

Now that we have decided on gifting something, the difficult part begins as to choose what to give as there’s nothing in the world that can match our parents love yet, something not so close is some quality time for each other. Why not a holiday? Just the two, near or far where ever, but Just the two! Quite awesome, isn’t it?

Retirement Gift

People run in their hectic work schedules and save holidays to plan their long vacation yet, somehow self-ditch their own plans as work would be their first priority. That’s right, and time flies and yet their dreams are still dreams. There are very less chances that they would plan post retirement as they would already have plans for their grandchildren.

Why not differentiate ourselves from the lot and plan some awesome holiday?

“New Entry” in your family

All tend to get really excited whenever there is a new beginning in our life. Either we get into a new relation or a new relation gets into our family. Both gives immense joy and happiness. What do you think could be a best form of expressing this feeling?

Really tough to put it across, right? Yea, true because the gift should give them ever lasting memories. Something like a holiday with the “New Entry” of the family who can be your sister, brother, sister-in-law, cousin, brother in law and so on. Whoever it is, the beauty of any relation can be expressed by giving quality time with them by planning a Holiday just for them with them.

Now that we have listed out few of the multiple possible reasons to celebrate in life, it’s time to think on how could we make it a perfect personalized gift. Good question? So, here it goes…
When given so much info, let us give a proper solution for the same. Travel is one thing people think twice because they don’t want to mess up with bookings and planning. So, forget all the rest and plan a best holiday with Cleartripcleartrip gift cards
by availing 10% discount on e-gift card. You can avail this awesome offer just by buying the Cleartrip e-gift card from Giftbig and avail this huge discounts in a matter of time.

So, without much of delay, Just plan, Book and Enjoy!

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valentine day giftChocolates get over quickly and flowers fade. How about precious hours of cleansing, exfoliating, tender massages and relaxation? At world-famous spas and saloons. What an amazing gift that’ll be! Watch your tired wife or girlfriend walk into a spa and come out looking like a million dollars! You’ll be the hero of the day – of the year, in fact!

Gift them a Day of Cherishing and Pampering

A whole day of being cherished. Pampered. Taken care of. Scrubbed and exfoliated. Smoothed and bleached. Soaked in fragrant herbs and lotions. Such total bliss! You want your wife, mom or sis to remember their day of pampering for a very long time. Where do you send them, then?

You send them to a classy place. A place that promises nothing short of the very best in luxurious health and beauty treatments. You want to send the women you love to someplace exclusive like Lakme Salon, O2 Spa or Four Fountains Spa. Purchase a gift card from one of these beauty destinations for Valentine’s. Won’t the ladies be delighted? You can hear their excited screams already, can’t you?

Of Spas and Saloons….

Lakme Salon is an exclusive beauty destination frequented by women who know something about quality beauty lakme gift cardstreatments. The word ‘Lakme’ is synonymous with beauty, makeup and fashion. At Lakme, your loved one will be treated to exclusive skin and hair treatments fit for a queen. Lakme understands the Indian woman’s true beauty. Select a Lakme gift card for your special lady and you’ll be forgiven anything for the rest of the year!

O2 Spa and Four Fountains Spa are the perfect destinations for some holistic whole-body cleansings, massages and revitalization. No matter how tired your lady is, she will feel like a brand new human being after a day at one of these spas. And you can make that happen, by buying O2 or Four Fountains Spa gift cards!

Don’t try the Guessing Game…

That’s just the thing – you can never tell how much is enough. Not when it comes to health and beauty. Just loosen those purse strings. It’s Valentine’s, after all!

A day of pampering at O2 or Four Fountains Spa, followed by a day of exclusive beauty treatments at Lakme Salon. Which woman will dream of saying no to that? Here’s another thought – combine two gifts into one. Buy a gift card from O2 or Four Fountains Spa and one from Lakme. A fabulous day of relaxation at a spa followed by a day of beauty treatments – can you see how wonderful that’ll be? So go ahead – this is your chance to establish yourself as the best husband, boyfriend, son or brother on this planet.

best valentines day gifts

Valentine’s Day is knocking on our doors again. As with any other year, this year too, you’re probably wondering what to get for your special friend. Last year’s gift didn’t work out all that well, did it? You thought she’d be happy with that locket and chain but she was expecting something else. That happens. This year, don’t take those chances. Loving someone doesn’t mean you can read their minds. So don’t bother. Just make sure your guess stays within the larger ballpark area and you’re good to go! Want to know how?

Forget Conventional Gifts And Say Hello To Gift Cards

The advantage of opting for a gift card is this – even though it’s your gift, it’s your recipient who chooses what to buy. That means you can gift something without feeling responsible for how your gift is received. Isn’t that cool? No more gifting blunders, eh?

When you gift a gift card, your gift actually multiples. Yes, really. How, you say? Well, consider this. Your recipient gets to enjoy the pleasure of visiting multiple brand outlets to select the item they want. That’s gift number one, the joy of shopping. Plus, your recipient can buy more than one item with your gift card, provided it’s generous. That’s gift number two, the freedom to choose and enjoy. See how much more your gift will be enjoyed when you opt for gift cards?

So Which Gift Card To Select?

Yep – we understand. Whenever there’s the need to choose something for another person, there’s always a dilemma involved. What to choose, and will the funds be considered good enough, and will she or he be happy with it, and so on.

Let’s help you out here. When it comes to gift cards, all you need to know is what your recipient likes. If your girl is a fashion buff, buy her a gift card from her favorite brand. It’s win-win all the way. If your man is crazy about electronics, buy him a gift card from a brand such as amazon. You simply cannot go wrong with this method! You’ll still come out smelling like roses even though you won’t be putting in that much hard work into it!

Another Shortcut – Ready?

Not sure what her favorite fashion brand is? Not sure if he likes something more than he likes electronics? Don’t worry. There’s a solution to everything. Why do you department stores exist? The great news is that you can purchase gift cards from large department stores like Shoppers’ Stop, Central, Westside, Lifestyle, Landmark and others. There’s your problem, totally solved! Does it matter to you now whether she picks up a dress from a fashion brand at Lifestyle or bed linen? No it doesn’t! All that matters is that she uses your gift card to buy what she wants. And you’re the hero. Or heroine. Just follow our advice.


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