Its gifting timeSo we’re back at the end of what seems like a brand new year that’s barely begun. No, dismiss that thought, folks. 2014 is well and truly over. Review your achievements over this year and make your resolutions for the next. Before you start thinking about your plans for 2015, let’s focus on the grand upcoming event, shall we? Which one is that? Christmas, of course! It’s Santa time again, and time to wrap and unwrap gifts. It’s time to bid a tinsel-bedecked, holly-wreathed goodbye to 2014.

What To Gift?

Making the right gift choice for loved ones can be a daunting task. Let us help you a little in this area. Consider each person’s tastes, likes, dislikes and fancies while buying gifts. You don’t want any disappointed faces around the Christmas tree this year, do you? We have a few gift ideas for you – check them out!

1. Handmade Gifts

If you’re good with your hands, you can consider making your own gifts as well. Handmade gifts say you truly care, and the time you invest on making them makes your handmade gifts truly special. Be sure to package them by hand too. Your friends will love them!

2. Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers


When you want to gift the best, but you’re not sure of your choice of item, a gift card is the best option. Make your gift card generous, and let your recipient enjoy multiple shopping trips to the brand store. You can purchase gift cards from great brands for everything from jewelry to fashion to electronics and much more. If you don’t want to stick to a specific product brand, opt for a department store gift card, such as Lifestyle or Shoppers Stop gift card.

3. Whole Family Gifts
Instead of gifting something that only individuals can enjoy, why not gift something that the whole family can enjoy? An exercise bike or treadmill would fit neatly into this category. As would a set of luxurious living room furniture, a beautiful picture or wall hanging and so on. How about an attractive area rug? The list is endless.

4. Customized Gifts

Buy a t-shirt and get it screen printed with an image and text of your choice that means something to your recipient. Another idea is to get a coffee mug designed with the recipient’s name and picture. What memorable gifts these will make!

5. Thoughtful Gifts

Take it a step further and consider the future needs of your recipient. Is your recipient expecting a baby? In that case, gifts for the baby will be greatly appreciated. Is your recipient planning to move into a new home? In that case, a thoughtful gift that can be used in the new home would be greatly appreciated. Apply a bit of thought and consideration before buying a gift, and you can be sure your Christmas gifts this year will be vastly appreciated.

Yes, we know the score. We’ve been there. In fact, we’ve all been there. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to remember to wish your family and friends on every special occasion, in a timely manner. Sometimes we forget to buy gifts for our loved ones’ special days till it’s too late. Then we end up making an appearance without a gift in hand, offering apologies no one really wants to hear. How about if we tell you that you will never have to face this situation again in your life? Would you believe us? Please do. Here’s why.

Welcome To The World Of E-gift Cards

An e-gift card is a gift card that’s delivered electronically. They’re the quickest way to gift someone you love something truly special, without making any compromises. So many top brands are offering e-gift cards these days, including American Swan, Allen Solly, Helios, Hidesign, Himalaya and many, many more. Surprised? Don’t be. Product and service companies are fast catching up to people’s gifting needs. So now you can sit back in your chair, stretch your legs, browse over 50 top national and international brands and order your e-gift card. As simple as that!

What Happens After You Order An E-gift Card

Once you place your e-gift card order, your gift recipient will receive an email containing your e-gift card details. He or she will receive the e-gift card number, gift amount, e-gift card expiry date and other relevant information in the email. Now all that your gift recipient needs to do is to take a printout of the e-gift card, and head out to the gift brand’s nearest outlet. The great news is that most of our gift brands have outlets in several cities across India as well. Several brands allow multiple shopping trips on a single e-gift card number. This means that your recipient doesn’t have to use up the whole amount in one go.

It Gets Even Better, People!
Many brands have online stores as well, which accept e-gift cards. If the brand you’ve chosen has an online store, your recipient can shop online within seconds of receiving the e-gift card. Isn’t that cool? So let’s see how many brands have online stores. There’s Himalaya for one, then BasicsLife, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, YepMe, Elle, and Fastrack – ok, we really cannot list them all! There are quite a few. So get on board and purchase an e-gift card for your loved one today. There are birthdays to think of, and festivals, and special occasions and events – start e-gifting and sit back, totally stress free.


The royal Princess Subadhra welcomed the conquering Krishna after his victory over the demon Narakasura with sweets, gifts and flowers. She placed the holy red tilak on his forehead in blessing. Lord Yama visited his sister, Yami, and was similarly welcomed by her. She too, placed a holy tilak on his forehead. If Lord Krishna and Lord Yama were available for a chat today, they would tell you how much a sister’s love matters.

Celebrate Each Other

Your sister’s love and her blessings will always protect you, no matter where you are, no matter what your battles are. And sisters, your brothers’ love and grace will always guard you wherever you are. This Bhaidooj, let us give thanks to God for giving us brothers and sisters. Let us celebrate with sweets, gifts, flowers and a bright red tilak for protection.

Even if your brother or your sister is far away, don’t let this occasion pass by without sharing your love. It’s all the more important that you reach out to siblings who are far away. Distance can sometimes make you feel alone. Don’t feel that way. No matter what the distance, you know your brother or your sister love you. This Bhaidooj, take advantage of our offers to give your brother or sister the best day they’ve ever had.

Gift With Care

Love and care are irreplaceable. As are gifts given with true feeling. So when you gift your brother or your sister something this Bhaidooj, think for a moment. Consider – what will truly make him or her happy? Happier than they’ve ever been?

Gifts For Your Brother:

Gift cards, gift vouchers and e-gift cards from the following brands:

• Whether your brother loves books, or electronics or jewelry, he’ll find it on
• GiftBig Restaurant: Your brother can use this gift card to purchase a gift card from any restaurant brand on our site.
• Fastrack Gift Card: Does your brother love stylish sunglasses, watches, wallets and bags?
• Titan and Helios Gift Cards: A classy watch says you love your brother for all time to come.
• GiftBig Fashion Gift Card: Your brother will be able to purchase a gift card, gift voucher or e-gift card from any fashion brand on our site.

Gifts For Your Sister:

Gift cards, gift vouchers or e-gift cards from the following brands:

• Joyalukkas and Tanishq: You can never go wrong with a fine piece of jewelry when it comes to your sister!
• Lakme Saloon and Four Fountains Spa: A full day of relaxation and pampering is just what your sweet sister deserves.
• Elle, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Fabindia and GiftBig Fashion: Gift her a journey into fashion she’ll never forget.
• Home Stop, @Home, Prestige and Viveks: For all home-improvement needs.

Diwali – that magical, exciting, utterly bright and wonderful festival is here again. No matter what your journey has been over the year, the magic of Diwali makes everything feel fresh and lovely again. Old woes are forgotten and old hurts are forgiven. Everyone feels generous and happy during Diwali – it’s something to do with the bright lights, the firecrackers, and the smiles on peoples’ faces – you know it. So why not go all out and give the whole world to your loved ones this Diwali?

Why Do People Give and Receive Gifts during Diwali?

On this, the happiest holiday ever, people celebrate the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness. Everyone cleans their homes so that even the darkest corner gets some light. Beautiful lamps are lit everywhere, to dispel darkness and to bring in cheer and good fortune. Of course, people buy new clothes for themselves and their loved ones.

Along with sweets, people share their good fortune with each other through gifts. It is believed that gifting brings good luck during Diwali, as it pleases the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. On Dhanteras especially, people gift gold and silver articles to please the goddess and invoke her blessings for a prosperous life.

Popular Gifts During Diwali

Gold and silver jewelry are considered to bring prosperity both to the giver and receiver, so many people shop for gold and silver articles during Diwali. Another popular gift is apparel, as fine clothing is a sign of prosperity as well. Kitchen utensils, furniture, furnishings, food and books are preferred as gifts. Diwali is the biggest shopping holiday in India, when people line up at department stores to buy the choicest gifts for their loved ones. What do you plan on gifting your family this Diwali? Are you going to go the traditional route and buy gold coins for your wife or husband? Will you be investing in some real estate? Would you rather buy some rare and valuable books?

What Do You Plan On Gifting Your Loved Ones?

Diwali is that particular time when the giving is bigger than the giver. People take great pleasure in giving gifts, and not just in receiving them. So go ahead – gift your family everything they’ve ever wanted. The most precious gift is the gift of time. So this Diwali, take the time to appreciate what your family and friends do for you. Wish them with all your heart. Gift them experiences they’ll treasure, such as travel, a fine meal at a top restaurant and so on. Visit our site and explore our many gifting categories and our gift card brands. You will be glad you did.

corporate gifts
Clients, employees, partners, vendors, customers – your gift list gives you the shivers, doesn’t it? How to find suitable gifts for all the people on your list in time for Diwali? Who’ll manage the shopping, the gift-handling and the overall logistics of it all? What protocol do you follow for handing over the gifts? Who decides which gifts will be appropriate?

Yes, We Do Understand

And then again, what if you choose a gift that an important client doesn’t like at all? How do you plan on handing over each person’s gift? Courier them to residences or hand them over in person? The questions never end, do they? Nor does the logistics nightmare, especially if you are handling sensitive people.
We definitely do understand why you get more stressed-out the closer we get to the biggest festival of the year. Everyone in your list will be expecting some tokens from you. You don’t want to offend anyone, and you definitely don’t want to make anyone feel un-appreciated, or worse, under-appreciated. If this burden is on your shoulders this year, you really need to hear what we have to say!

Reduce Your Gift-buying Logistics Burden

The logistics aspect of corporate gift buying and gift giving can become nightmarish if you allow them to. Allow us to help you.

  • Make a list of the people you want to gift this year and assign a budget to each person.
  • For important clients and partners, add a column that indicates their interests – for example, electronics
  • Indicate your recipient’s location in another column.

Make your life easier – just opt for gift cards, e-gift cards, gift vouchers or e-gift vouchers from top brands. Get them delivered to your address and you can then hand-deliver the gifts to your recipients. Purchase e-gift cards for long-distance recipients.

Eliminate The Dilemma Of Choice As Well!

If you are not sure of which brand to choose for a recipient, just opt for the GiftBig gift card or the GiftBig e-gift card. Using these cards, your recipient can purchase gift cards, gift vouchers or e-gift cards from any brand on That makes your gift their choice!

Some Fabulous Brands To Consider For Diwali

Here are some great brands you can look at, for perfectly appropriate gift options for your corporate gift recipients:

1. Electronics: Flipkart, Croma, E-zone

2. Books: Landmark, Flipkart, Amazon, Sapna

3. Health & Fitness: Four Fountains Spa,

4. Travel: MakeMyTrip

5. Eye-wear: Titan Eye+, Fastrack, Shoppers Stop, Jabong

6. Restaurants: Spaghetti Kitchen, Bombay Blue, Noodle Bar, Copper Chimney

And many, many more! Don’t forget to check out the special GiftBig Diwali gift cards as well. A whole bunch of surprises in store for you there!

karwa chauth giftsYour wife – your precious, faithful, devoted wife. What would your life be like without her? We hope you’ll never have to find out. This Karwa Chauth, your wife will be fasting as she does every year, waiting to sight the moon before sampling her first bite of food from your hand. It’s a precious moment of reconnaissance between a husband and wife, a moment you both will feel profoundly. Make this moment last forever. Make this moment so significant that you both will cherish it forever. Gift her something unbelievably beautiful this year. Go on.

But What To Gift Her?

Yep – that very same, age-old conundrum. Granted she is your precious wife and you know her better than anyone on this planet, but when it comes to gifting – well – it’s still a bit of a dilemma. So don’t waste time worrying. You may never get her choice right. The best thing to do here is to let her choose. The problem then is how to let her choose her own gift and yet keep the gift as a surprise? Yep, we understand this one too. That’s why we are here.

Do Some Due Diligence

What does she like? Is she fond of jewelry beyond all else? Clothes? Shoes? Books, smartphones, romantic meals with you in fancy restaurants, perhaps? It doesn’t take much time to find out what she truly likes and what she’d love to get as a gift from you. Try some domestic espionage – yes! Recruit your kids or younger siblings to find out what wifey dear has in mind for Karwa Chauth this year. Oh, there are many ways to get the info you want, so long as you are hell bent on making her happy!

Let’s Say You Simply Cannot Find Out What She Wants

Here’s the thing – even if absolutely cannot figure out what she wants, we’ve got you covered? How, you say? Consider this – let’s say your wife loves jewelry, fashion apparel, handbags and sunglasses. All you do is to get her a gift card from LifeStyle, Shoppers Shop, Westside, Big Bazaar or Central. We stock gift cards and gift vouchers from many brands that offer a plethora of goods. Problem solved?

Check Out These Fabulous Gift Options

• Romantic dinner for two? Get her the GiftBig Dining Gift Card or the GiftBig Dining e-gift Card. Let her spend the funds on the restaurant of her choice. Pure joy!

• A love for fashion? Just get her the GiftBig Fashion Gift Card or the GiftBig Fashion e-gift Card.

That’s not all – we have so many fantastic brands to choose from, we guarantee that this will be the best Karwa Chauth you and your wife have had in years. Take our word for it.

teachers day giftsTeachers strive all year to drill knowledge, ethics and good behavior into young minds. They’re seldom rewarded for their efforts. Make them feel special on their special day. Whether you’ve got a child in school or if you want to thank an old teacher, do it on Teacher’s Day with a thoughtful gift.

How About Some New-Age, Jazzy Electronics?

Is your old lecturer refusing to join the latest electronic craze, preferring to use his old typewriter? Time to introduce him to how things are done in the 22nd century, then. Get him the latest smartphone, tablet or computer in gratitude for his years of service to you. You might need to become the teacher for a while but it will be well worth it. Consider buying your items from brands such as Croma, eZone, TheMobileStore, Flipkart or Landmark.

How About Some Fashion?

Teachers tend to forget about shopping for themselves sometimes, preferring to wear out their class attire. It’ll be a nice change for your teacher to shop for a little fashion. Consider gifting your favorite teacher apparel from brands such as Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Energie, BasicsLife, Planet Fashion and others.

How About Some Recreational Stuff?

All teachers love books – after all, books are their tools of trade! Consider a gift of great books from Sapna Book House, Flipkart, Landmark and other brands. While you’re at it, maybe a few great classic movies will also be great as gifts. Consider some music CDs as well – inspirational music by great sings and instrumentalists would be a good idea.

How About Some Well-Earned Relaxation?

A whole year passes by without much respite for teachers. Treat your favorite teachers to a day of pampering at Lakme Salon. Let your teachers relax and go through a makeover and feel alive again. They’ll thank you for years!

How About Some Heath Stuff?

Stress is not good for anyone and we all know that teachers earn more than their share of stress. Consider gifting goodies from Himalaya to your teachers. Himalaya stocks organically-created vitamins and hair and body care products. Go ahead; let your teachers beat the stress with some organic goodies.

It’s Your Turn To Empower Your Teachers

Your teachers have spent years trying to empower you to be braver, bolder and cleverer. Today, you can empower them with gift cards, e-gift cards and gift vouchers from top brands. Let them experience some great shopping picking out the things they like from the brands you choose. Go ahead, empower them. It’s your turn now!


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