valentine day giftChocolates get over quickly and flowers fade. How about precious hours of cleansing, exfoliating, tender massages and relaxation? At world-famous spas and saloons. What an amazing gift that’ll be! Watch your tired wife or girlfriend walk into a spa and come out looking like a million dollars! You’ll be the hero of the day – of the year, in fact!

Gift them a Day of Cherishing and Pampering

A whole day of being cherished. Pampered. Taken care of. Scrubbed and exfoliated. Smoothed and bleached. Soaked in fragrant herbs and lotions. Such total bliss! You want your wife, mom or sis to remember their day of pampering for a very long time. Where do you send them, then?

You send them to a classy place. A place that promises nothing short of the very best in luxurious health and beauty treatments. You want to send the women you love to someplace exclusive like Lakme Salon, O2 Spa or Four Fountains Spa. Purchase a gift card from one of these beauty destinations for Valentine’s. Won’t the ladies be delighted? You can hear their excited screams already, can’t you?

Of Spas and Saloons….

Lakme Salon is an exclusive beauty destination frequented by women who know something about quality beauty lakme gift cardstreatments. The word ‘Lakme’ is synonymous with beauty, makeup and fashion. At Lakme, your loved one will be treated to exclusive skin and hair treatments fit for a queen. Lakme understands the Indian woman’s true beauty. Select a Lakme gift card for your special lady and you’ll be forgiven anything for the rest of the year!

O2 Spa and Four Fountains Spa are the perfect destinations for some holistic whole-body cleansings, massages and revitalization. No matter how tired your lady is, she will feel like a brand new human being after a day at one of these spas. And you can make that happen, by buying O2 or Four Fountains Spa gift cards!

Don’t try the Guessing Game…

That’s just the thing – you can never tell how much is enough. Not when it comes to health and beauty. Just loosen those purse strings. It’s Valentine’s, after all!

A day of pampering at O2 or Four Fountains Spa, followed by a day of exclusive beauty treatments at Lakme Salon. Which woman will dream of saying no to that? Here’s another thought – combine two gifts into one. Buy a gift card from O2 or Four Fountains Spa and one from Lakme. A fabulous day of relaxation at a spa followed by a day of beauty treatments – can you see how wonderful that’ll be? So go ahead – this is your chance to establish yourself as the best husband, boyfriend, son or brother on this planet.

best valentines day gifts

Valentine’s Day is knocking on our doors again. As with any other year, this year too, you’re probably wondering what to get for your special friend. Last year’s gift didn’t work out all that well, did it? You thought she’d be happy with that locket and chain but she was expecting something else. That happens. This year, don’t take those chances. Loving someone doesn’t mean you can read their minds. So don’t bother. Just make sure your guess stays within the larger ballpark area and you’re good to go! Want to know how?

Forget Conventional Gifts And Say Hello To Gift Cards

The advantage of opting for a gift card is this – even though it’s your gift, it’s your recipient who chooses what to buy. That means you can gift something without feeling responsible for how your gift is received. Isn’t that cool? No more gifting blunders, eh?

When you gift a gift card, your gift actually multiples. Yes, really. How, you say? Well, consider this. Your recipient gets to enjoy the pleasure of visiting multiple brand outlets to select the item they want. That’s gift number one, the joy of shopping. Plus, your recipient can buy more than one item with your gift card, provided it’s generous. That’s gift number two, the freedom to choose and enjoy. See how much more your gift will be enjoyed when you opt for gift cards?

So Which Gift Card To Select?

Yep – we understand. Whenever there’s the need to choose something for another person, there’s always a dilemma involved. What to choose, and will the funds be considered good enough, and will she or he be happy with it, and so on.

Let’s help you out here. When it comes to gift cards, all you need to know is what your recipient likes. If your girl is a fashion buff, buy her a gift card from her favorite brand. It’s win-win all the way. If your man is crazy about electronics, buy him a gift card from a brand such as amazon. You simply cannot go wrong with this method! You’ll still come out smelling like roses even though you won’t be putting in that much hard work into it!

Another Shortcut – Ready?

Not sure what her favorite fashion brand is? Not sure if he likes something more than he likes electronics? Don’t worry. There’s a solution to everything. Why do you department stores exist? The great news is that you can purchase gift cards from large department stores like Shoppers’ Stop, Central, Westside, Lifestyle, Landmark and others. There’s your problem, totally solved! Does it matter to you now whether she picks up a dress from a fashion brand at Lifestyle or bed linen? No it doesn’t! All that matters is that she uses your gift card to buy what she wants. And you’re the hero. Or heroine. Just follow our advice.

valentine gifts

Some call Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love, others see it as just a made-up holiday. So what is it, exactly? Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day or not? What do you think? We say, yes, we should celebrate Valentine’s Day. We should give each other cards and gifts. And we should enjoy being with our loved ones on this day. In fact, there are 5 different reasons why we feel everyone should celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a standard festival or not. Read on!

1. Spare Some Love For Yourself

Who doesn’t feel hopeful and full of dreams on Valentine’s Day? Even those who’ve given up hope of love experience a rekindling on this day. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Valentine’s Day reminds us to love the people in our lives. Do you know who deserves to be loved the most? You. Yourself. So go ahead, treat yourself to something truly wonderful and celebrate Valentine’s Day feeling good about yourself.

2. Make Those Bonds Tighter!

Have you noticed that when you gift something nice to a loved one, you feel all good inside? That’s what gifting does to people. When you gift something thoughtful, your recipient feels gratitude and affection towards you. Needless to say, friendships are strengthened and people come closer than ever before. And Valentine’s Day is all about gifting! Go for it, we say!

3. Come Clean To Your Secret Crush

Been scared to tell that cute girl how you feel? Just send her lovely gift on Valentine’s Day and see how she responds. Whatever happens, you don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s your day to express your feelings. No matter what happens.

4. Let Loose Some Creativity!

Can’t draw a straight line to save yourself? No worries, buddy! It’s Valentine’s Day, and no one is going to judge what your card looks like. It’s the thought that counts. So forget ready-made cards and make your own funny cards. Draw squiggly hearts and smileys! Pen something hilarious! Paste emoticons all over your card! Get creative! It’s Valentine’s!

5. More Smiles And Hugs – Who Could Say No?

Ever noticed how good you feel when someone gives you a hug? Ever taken the time to wonder why a happy smile on someone’s face makes you feel happy? It’s all chemical, friend. Our mind responds to hugs and smiles just as the body responds to vitamins. So go, spread some love vitamins around. And watch healthy miracles as they happen.

Your clients – you know how much you need them to be happy with you. That’s why you go out of your way to please them with prompt order execution and timely updates. Now it’s time to decide on what you’ll gift your clients as a token of appreciation. How about we help you out with a few ideas?

Try Something Different

A gift says something. A wall clock or coffee mug says you lack imagination. Or that you don’t care enough. Opt for some thoughtful gifts that foster a stronger relationship with your client.

1. A Fine Bespoke Suit

A stylish and elegant client will love a gift card from P N Rao, the master of superbly tailored bespoke suits. Your choice of brand will impress your client, as there are very few who can meet P N Rao’s standards in bespoke suits.

2. A Fabulous Trip

A client who loves to travel will appreciate a trip to an exotic location. If your client is married, make the trip for two and you’ll win even greater points. gift cards are your best bet in this regard.

3. A Fine Watch

For a client who loves fine watches, the best gift would be a gift card from World of Titan or Helios. The many hours of blissful shopping for fine watches are a kind of gift too!

titan gift cards


4. A Day Of Pampering

Send your stressed-looking client for a day of pampering and primping at Lakme Saloon, O2 Spa or Four Fountains De-stress Spa. They’ll return feeling relaxed and refreshed and grateful for your thoughtfulness.

5. A Fine Meal

For the client that loves food, consider a gift card from a fine restaurant, such as Spaghetti Kitchen, 13th Floor, Copper Chimney, Ebony, OnTheEdge and so on. Make your gift card generous enough so your client can take his or her family out for a fine dinner.
copper chimney gift cardsblue foods gift cardsmainland gift voucher

6. Electronics

No one walks around without a smartphone in hand these days. Or a tablet. We’re sure your client is no different. A gift card from Croma, Reliance Digital or Flipkart will delight your client no end.

7. Books

If your client likes to read books, then a gift card from Flipkart, Landmark, Sapna Book Store or will truly make the mark.

8. Eye-wear

If you’ve noticed your client throwing on a pair of Ray-Bans before getting into a car, you know what to gift. A gift card from Fastrack or Titan Eye+ is just the ticket in this case.

9. Home Needs

Have you observed your client browsing furniture catalogs or talking about home improvements in general? Just get them a gift card from Prestige, Home Stop, @Home or Fabindia.

homestop gift cardsprestige gift cardsat home gift voucher

10. All-in-one

Then there are those clients whose desires are hard to fathom. Just get them gift cards from huge department store brands like Lifestyle, Megamart, Shoppers’ Stop, Westside or Central. Problem solved.

resturant-gift-484x253New Year’s Eve is staring us in the face, just a few days from today. It’s time to wish your friends a Happy New Year and exchange gifts with them. What are you planning to gift your loved ones? The same old boring stuff that everyone already has or something they will truly remember? A gift that can be worn or used is a wonderful thing, but an experience can be shared with many. How about gifting your loved ones a fabulous dining experience, something they can enjoy with their loved ones?

Restaurant Gift Vouchers

Yes, now you can gift your friends and loved ones a fabulous dining experience at your favorite restaurant. And you don’t even need to be present there to pay the bill when it comes! All you do is purchase a gift voucher from your favorite restaurant brand and we’ll take care of the rest! Shall we check out some top restaurant brands for your 2015 New Year’s gift experience?

1. Copper Chimney

copperchimney_1Buy the Copper Chimney gift voucher and give your recipients the unbeatable taste of India’s North Western cuisine. This Blue Foods Restaurants brand is famous for creating its signature dishes using forgotten ways. Every sizzling tandoori kebab and every flavorful bowl of Mughlai biryani tells you the story of recipes handed down from mother to daughter and father to son for centuries.

2. Spaghetti Kitchen

spaghettiAny lover of Italian cuisine will absolutely celebrate an occasion to dine at Spaghetti Kitchen, India’s salute to Italian cooking. Give your recipient an unforgettable and authentic taste of Italy through the Spaghetti Kitchen gift card. Let them enjoy creamy risottos and amazing pastas with their loved ones through your gift. Only a trip to Italy can be better than this!

3. Noodle Bar
nooodlebarNoodle Bar is another remarkable restaurant under the Blue Foods brand. This place offers a fabulous selection of noodles of every imaginable type and flavor, from countries all over Asia. Do you know someone who loves noodle-based dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia or China? Now you know what to gift them for this New Year.
4. Vaango
vaangoA gift voucher from Vaango is the perfect New Year’s gift for someone who loves South Indian food. Make it a generous gift voucher and listen to your recipient’s family rave about Vaango’s delicious South Indian delights for the rest of the year!

5. GiftBig Dining Card
dining-giftcardNot sure which restaurant your recipient favors? Never fear. Just gift them a GiftBig Dining card, and let your recipient choose which restaurant gift card to purchase! Your recipient can choose from a plethora of restaurant brands. Give them the power to choose the cuisine they enjoy the most!

728x90It’s a brand new year again and a fresh chance for all of us to make necessary changes in our lives. We all make resolutions that we plan to keep – getting fit and saving money. Speaking of saving money, do you know just how many people give away the gifts they receive, or hide them in their attics? Isn’t that a real waste of the money you spend on buying those gifts? How about gifting something different this year that will never be given away or put away in the attic?

Say Hello To Gift Cards And Gift Vouchers

Make this your New Year’s resolution for 2015 – to include gift cards and gift vouchers into your gifting strategy. Forget about spending hours at shopping malls and other stores looking for gifts. Just decide which brand your recipients will like and buy a gift card or gift voucher from that brand. With a single stroke, you can ensure that your money’s well spent, eliminate gift wastage and give your recipients the joy of shopping for their own gift!

Bring New Joy To Your Friends This New Year

Change your gifting style and adopt gift cards and see what a difference this makes to your friends. This will be the best New Year’s resolution ever. We’ve made the entire process really easy for you. All you do is log on to and purchase a gift card from a brand you like. We’ll deliver it to your recipient on time. Your job is over – all you do now is to wait for that excited phone call or email from your recipient when your gift card arrives!

Gift Cards, E-gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

A gift card works just like a debit card; your gift funds are stored in its memory, and the card is swiped while billing for the items purchased. Your recipients can choose to spend your gift funds in a single shopping trip, or on multiple trips. Some brands even offer membership benefits to gift card holders, and even allow them to recharge their gift cards at the brand’s stores. Both gift cards and gift vouchers come with expiry dates, after which the any unused funds expire along with the card. E-gift cards are delivered to the recipient’s email account within minutes of purchase. So now you get your gift to the recipient on time and your recipient can redeem your gift on time for the occasion! What could be better than that?

Perfect gift cards_BlogThere’s no argument over this anymore. Gift cards are here to stay and they make the perfect gifts for all occasions. When it comes to gifting for Christmas, you simply cannot go wrong with gift cards. All that’s left for you to do now is to decide which gift cards would be perfect for your friends and family. So what are we waiting for? Let’s check out the best gift card options out there for Christmas and start shopping!, Flipkart

Why? They’re the perfect brands for people who love to shop for everything from books to electronics.

Blue Foods, Mainland China, Machan, Sigree, Oh Calcutta, On The Edge

Why? Christmas dinner must be a shared family experience. What better way to get the whole family together to enjoy some fabulous food than a restaurant gift card? Make your recipient’s Christmas dinner a great success this year.

Croma, Reliance Digital, The Mobile Store

Why? These stores stock the absolute latest in electronic and electrical goods, that’s why. Know someone who would simply love to spend hours checking out the latest smartphones before choosing one? Now you know which gift card to buy for them.

Home Stop, Prestige Smart Kitchen, @Home

Why? It’s the best gift card option for any house-proud individual. Many people redo their homes and decorate it afresh just in time for Christmas. Opt for a gift card from one of these brands and let your recipients enjoy browsing through multiple floors of amazing home goods and furnishings.

PVRCinemas and PVRBluO

Why? Well, Christmas is the time to enjoy with family, at home or out, having fun. Buy a generous PVRBluO gift card and let recipients enjoy a day of movies, bowling, refreshments and all day fun. Opt for a PVRCinemas gift card for movie buffs and let them watch movies back to back all day on Christmas.

Big Bazaar, Central, Megamart, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle

Why? Who won’t like being able to browse through a large multi-brand, multi-product department store? Opt for a gift card for any of these brands and give your recipients a trip to wonderland this Christmas.

Gini & Jony, Appleofmyi,

Why? Know someone who’s got young kids or is expecting a baby? Why not gift them a gift card from one of these brands so they can shop for their kids? Great idea, huh?

YepMe, Jabong, Levi’s, Van Heusen, Planet Fashion, Arrow, Elle, BasicsLife

Why? These gift cards are perfect for the fashion lover recipient. Plus, you’ll be spared of the embarrassment of choosing the wrong color or size in clothing. You’ll still come out on top!

Tanishq, Joyalukkas

Why? Who can say no to some international-quality jewelry for Christmas? These gift cards are perfect for the special ladies in your life. Go ahead; let them have the best Christmas ever!


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